Old "sumpless" pump - anyone familiar?

I recently performed an inspection on a house built c.1968 that had this old pump, which was described as a “sump pump” on the seller’s disclosure; but I could see no sump well, and the pump itself said it is a “sumpless pump”, which as best I gather pumps water out of the drain tile if there is no actual sump under the basement floor, the presence of which I could neither confirm nor rule out.

The pump ran when I flipped the manual toggle switch on, but it did not operate automatically during the inspection, and I could see no mechanism for such operation, and it could not be tested for such operation without running massive amounts of water into a floor drain or the drain tile with a garden hose from the water heater, laundry sink, or outside. Well beyond the scope of an inspection. We are having virtual drought conditions, so I did not expect it to run automatically during the inspection, even if it does.

I just reported what I could observe, so this is not a question about reporting, but to satisfy my curiosity about this old (possibly installed when the house was built, based on the 7 digit phone number on it) pump, especially whether or not it has some sort of sensing mechanism to run automatically. Is anybody familiar enough with such a pump to know if it should run automatically?


Give them a call, looks like they make them near you:

Hadn’t considered they still might be making that model. Duh! Thanks, Dominic.

Good description. I’ve never seen one like that.

Looks like they still manufacture that model designation but changed it somewhat.



  • Fits into PVC or Cast Iron Pipe.
  • Pumps 45 Gallons a minute.
  • 1/2 hp Motor.
  • Completely Automatic.
  • Built-in Check Valve.
  • Heavy Duty and very dependable.
  • Long lasting.