Old two page form

Just came across an old 2 page form from 2010. Listed the roof as 2002 (have no idea when it was put on). Listed straps - cannot see anything, as this is a flat roof. Gave credits for nailing pattern - no attic access. Also gave full hurricane protection rating with a front door with a window (no rating on it)

This poor guys insurance is about to double. He cannot afford it and will be most likely be forced to move. Why the insurance company is bringing it up now I do not know. They should have caught this two years ago.

It sucks and I see people have to move out daily because of outrageous prices.

I see stuff like that all the time and yet everyone complains about reinspections. I hope we can teach the inspectors how to do them properly

Get a grip.

The reason it is so screwed up is because the “ACCEPTED” way of doing them has changed so many times.

Things I marked and did when I began no longer equal or mean the same.

How can you have consistency when it has changed so many times and once someone is approved they stay that way no matter what?

As much as I would hate it the only way to solve the problem is for the OIR and only the OIR to come out with a course that teaches exactly the same thing. No opinions based on instructors personal “feelings” and such.

The OIR designed the form they must design the instruction manual.

The system is a farce and instructors speak of the OIR and Citizen’s as they are one.

It is not the inspectors fault from years ago it is the OIR’s fault for their stupidity and inconsistencies.

Why on earth has the form changed so many times.

Put me in charge of the OIR and I will fix it right where the answers are oblivious to all those involved.

The underwriters also must take every course those inspecting must do for anything to work.

All those who do whatever the insurance companies request without deciding for themselves if it is proper or necessary are the problem. The suck-asses have caused it all :slight_smile:

Mike, I didn’t even read your entire post but if you think giving the home owner full glazed openings are fully protected when they are not is a good thing you are certainly doing your clients an injustice. That has nothing to do with the form being changed.

You really are in la la land.

Where on earth did you get that?
I do each inspection as honest and to the best of my ability every time.

Problem is lost has changed over the years.

Just ask anyone who has been doing them for several years. :smiley:

It is possible we have been doing them long before you

But the more important fact is if the roof was installed before 2002 it doesnot and did never meet the 2001 code, or if a window or door was or is unprotected it does not meet answer “A”, or if there is toe nails it does not qualify as wraps…yes or no?

They have gotten alot better and the person who did this one will should be turned in for blantently falsifying the form.

What is the process for turning them in?

Do you think anything will happen if someone does turn them in?