Roof deck

Completely foamed in attic on the underside. I checked E, Other and stated “spray adhesive”. Question, Homeowner claims roof was re-nailed with 8’s.
Would a letter from the Roofing Contractor stating they re-nailed w 8’s and amend the report fly ??

Sounds like spray insulation, not spray adhesive. Select F for RDA unless you have the roofers affidavit for the permit, and the permit application date is after 10/01/2007. A standard letter from the roofer may get accepted, but I doubt it. It usually has to be part of the permit.

Thought you carried some extra nails in your pocket:mrgreen:

I mark what the form requires and attach whatever docs client has and my opinion on the matter.


I do not think it ever matters at all and I do not believe the insurance scumbags do one thing more than they have to and I believe they look for ANY reason the law or rules allow to NOT give discounts :frowning:

The insurance companies run their businesses as they should to achieve financial success. Although they screw their clients theny make their companies successful.

I get every insurance company is different. What I cant stand is what happened to me the other month. I did two wind inspections for the SAME State Farm office. they were easy slam dunk inspections. Both houses built in 2004 , hip roofs, ark shingles. On one of the houses they asked me for 5 additional pictures. I asked them why and they could not give me an answer… ](*,)

Feel free to send me original and maybe I can give insight.

I give a minimum number of un-labled pictures and do a ton and NEVER get asked for extra pictures.
Good Luck

It all boils down to individual underwriters and I DO NOT BELIEVE they are associated with individual offices. Just my guess.

I always send a nasty letter when confronted stating the law states that they must accept my inspection report “if it is true or not I do not know” Or send SOMEONE ON THEIR DIME. and it seems to work.

But we all know I’am just a Dick anyhow :slight_smile:

My clients sure seem to like me though :slight_smile:

I FIGHT ON THEIR BEHALF LIKE A PIT-BULL ATTORNEY Way to many others just suck it up and cave to the insurance companies every whim.

I feel your pain…Just had another go round with an agent about dimensional lumber pics.

Anyway if no one knows for sure what would happen if a licensed roofing contractor signed off, I would submit it and see if it sticks. Stranger things have gotten thru.

What were the requested photos of?

Roof deck affidavits from the roofer are a waste of time. No pics, no proof.

Have the home owner open an access in the soffit. Spray foam insulation applications are usually not out past the roof to wall connection. From the exterior eve side, you should be able to spot all the roof /wall and roof deck items.

In addition, if the foam insulation is of the closed cell adhesive type, there will be an additional improvement to the roof deck attachment. The adhesive foam products we’ve seen have a ‘B’ rating all their own.

Only adhesive closed cell foam spray insulation has a roof deck factor. Open cell non-adhesive foam does not improve the roof deck rating. The closed cell roof deck ratings can be found through product approval.