Old water heater inside attic

I ran into this one on yesterdays inspection. Not in use, but never taken down…





is that a water heater or just a pressure tank?

And what is your pt, Bert?

We find abandoned old items all the time in attics in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Thanks to very lazy contractors who take advantage of the elderly who are very trusting.

Are you sure it wasn’t an old expansion tank for a heating boiler?



I think the thermostat on its side and insulation is a giveaway.

Humberto is in the Miami Florida area…
Pretty sure he has never seen a Boiler…

Lol…no boilers down here (at least for residential) although do run into them for commercial quite often. It was an old heater. Yes the insulation and t-stat gave it away. Just wanted to share, that’s all. No particular reason for the post. I personally had not run into one like this inside an attic and found it interesting. 1937 home in the NE section of Miami. Do you guys ever recommend they be removed? Just curious.



That thermostat is wired to the heating element on the end of the tank.

What a mess.

yes rec. removal

Mark, why do you recommend removal?

Would you shake or tap the tank to see if it contains water b4 rec’g removal?

It has probably been there since well b4 any of us were born.

Thanks, Joe…I’ve seen some pretty bizarre things but I did miss the Miami part. :oops: