Older GE electric furnace age

Any help/confirmation of age would be appreciated. BTW, house built in 1976 & I’m thinking it may be original. One more question too, what’s the typical life expectancy for an electric furnace? It certainly has to be longer that a gas furnace, no?

I’d say 19th week of 1976. Past it’s normal life expectancy. Recommend budget for future replacement with more efficient unit.

General Electric

I was just thinking, most electric furnaces are 100% efficient. Other than the fan motor, these units typically last a long time (so long as the heating coils, etc have not been damaged or deteriorated). What do most of you think? This unit sounds like it is 35 years old, I’m wondering if it still functions properly.

The only way to determine if a electrical furnace is performing as the MFG intended is to use a amp meter other than that you are just guessing