Older home crawl space *wiring*



That’s not wiring that’s plumbing. PEX

WOW! :shock:

I second that! :neutral:

you guys are too tough it’s almost half right

the courts will take this into consideration when determining the settlement :roll:

Thanks guys. I’ll pass the info. to the inspector. He was not sure and I figured it was water. Just wanted to bounce it with the experts. He send another picture with single stranded electrical wire and cloth wiring as well. He said that the house has settle almost three inches in the East side due to rott. What a mess!!! :roll:

Keep up the good work.


Can we see the other photo?

So you are not the inspector?

It took me a few minutes to recover and get up off the floor. I believe if the “the” inspector would have read the writing on the sides of the PEX and looked at the metal crimps at all the connections, he should have figured out it was plumbing but to tag this as electrical wiring leaves me almost speechless:shock::shock::shock::shock:. This inspector needs to go get some education or get his money back if he did. I will go out on a limb here and say they should not be doing inspections and taking people’s hard earned money yet. This mistake could have costs everyone.

Hello Murder Board:-;;. I just got these two additional pictures from the supposed updated electrical system. Quite interesting I love the spaghetti exposed electrical wiring system and the chewed cloth wiring](*,). No mentioned of glass fuses, most likely they were replaced by breakers…that is a breaker box… .Easy boys…:roll:

DSC03807 [].JPG

DSC03807 [].JPG

DSC03807 [].JPG

DSC03806 [].JPG

“updated” is a meaningless word realtors use, which has nothing to do with how much of the system is new, or if it’s even safe.

I COMPLETELY agree. “Updated electrical” is a term that should be ignored! It is useless.
If they added a new receptacle for a basement freezer they could claim “updated electrical” and still not technically be lying.

Agree, but unfortunately the Realtors and most insurance companies are on the same page with this “updated” terminology.

Around here, the insurance people starting to take a tour of the place themselves before they insure it. That’s been a pretty steady source of work for me.

The “inspector” wasn’t sure, so he bounced it off you and you weren’t sure. Isn’t Florida a state that doesn’t require licensing? I’m now strongly in the pro-licensing corner.

BTW. My wiring/cable is 1/2" copper soldered at the joints. The house was built in the 1800s. There is no insulation on it! Is this OK?

Yeah the photo #'s are different DSC03732.jpg, DSC03806,DSC03807 ].JPG Backstroking??? It looks like PEX conduit to me. Maybe I’m wrong.:p:p

If you look hard, you’ll see some copper in that photo also. That must be the high voltage stuff.

It’s not a “murder board” It’s quesionable how someone can post a PEX system and inquire it’s relationship to an electrical system. Let’s get real here.

That would be the smart thing for them to do and maybe more will move in that direction. In my area most insurance offices are manned by women (I get the irony of that statement) and they have no intentions of going out to a property. Many moons ago a lot of insurance companies had their own inspectors on staff or retainer but I do not see that anymore. I have a couple of offices that call me regularly to do 4 Point inspections for their clients.