Older panel...need recommendation

First time Ive ran across this type of configuration.
House had a pretty new air conditioner and heater wired
to it…Should I recommend upgrading to a newer panel ?




Why do you think that the service or panel would need to be upgraded? That is possibly a 200 amp fused panel already.

What size wires or cables fed the panel? What sizes were the fuses?

the old HVAC most likely was less energy efficient meaning the old system had bigger wires and bigger breakers. just make sure the existing circuit and breaker are a match for the HVAC system and let it ride

I would call it out for replacement do to the age of the thing. When I see old stuff it need service if nothing Else. just pulling the thing apart and looking in on the back side is a good idea. then checking every connection for the correct toque. its just filthy inside.