Older poured foundation issue?

Hi everyone:

These are the corners of a poured foundation on a 1954 ranch. The original foundation was evidently parged 20 years ago or more, and painted since then (including the use of some surface bonding material). This breakdown started to appear a few years ago.

Left rear corner:
This one is the crack extending up to the top of the foundation. (Sorry it’s so hard to see).

Right rear corner:

Again, this one is a crack extending up from the main section that came off. This right section seems to have largely come off in one piece, and there were old masonry nails in it. That repair must have been done 20 years or more ago, as the parged and painted surface was all intact when the house was bought in 1995.

One more minor spot.

There doesn’t seem to be any water intrusion into the finished basement. There are no gutters, and only a small roof overhang. The front (sunny side) seems to be fine. The soil is pretty sandy, so drainage is probably pretty good. I’m wondering what the experienced eyes here are seeing. Does this look like a warning flag of bigger problems, or just the kind of thing you see on a 60 year old structure that needs some normal attention?

Thanks very much…

Where are you located?

Can you post pictures that show more overall views…farther away?

It looks like bad concrete mixture with high sandy pockets/areas. Concrete quality back then was not the rule. Repair would be recommended to maintain structural integrity.

This is on the coast in Maine.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get some wider shots. There are a couple of other small areas where the parging is cracking or peeling a bit, but for the most part it seems intact, or at least well painted.

Do you mean cleaning out what’s loose and and building back out the corners, or something more extensive? I guess it might depend on what all else comes off when you go the clean it up. :shock:


Parge coat on a concrete pour foundation???

I never recall seeing Rocks the size of a fist in a pour even going back to the 1950’s.
Bad pour then (if date and reported install correct)…
and evidence of it now…
It needs repair with replacement…

That’s some pretty large stone (ie. not aggregate) for a poured foundation! Almost looks to be a fieldstone foundation that was parged over. Either that, or the homeowner or cheap contractor added the stone as they poured to reduce how much concrete was needed to fill the forms. JMHO.

Yes very common here and quite strong. However yours has broken away so the only repair here is to apply this material. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shotcrete also any cracks need to be filled with a two part epoxy.
Now you don’t want to provide them with info but someone that does this work to stabilize the foundation.
If possible it would be best to tell them to remove that downspout up above ground and add a 6 foot extension away from the foundation.

Like Jeff said, poor concrete mix and over-sized “aggregate.” That foundation wouldn’t “stand” a chance (pun intended) in the shaky state of CA. There is no adequate “repair” method IMHO.

“River-rock” foundations have not been used out here since the 1920’s.

Your area can’t STAND to be compared to here on many levels. (Pun Intended)

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Jeff, you were correct in the River washed stone for aggregate for that era.
My home town near Canada used River washed stone from the rivers till late in the 60’s.
A lot of homes in the area then had there own mixers and small tractors to mix there own concrete.
Weak mix at that and a lot of 6"+ stones were added to the mix. Stone was cheap and cement was not.
As you well know, the size of these stones actually weakened the wall structures and cracked as you see in the photos.
The freeze and thaw cycles over the years have taken it’s toll.
Those walls have powdered and could be taken down with a 10# sledge.

Beyond economical repair. :slight_smile:

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