Looking for input on old furnace.

I discovered this furnace in a home I inspected this afternoon. Anyone have an age? My preston’s guide goes back to 1965 and is not listed.

There was a hole in the vent pipe that looked like it was designed to be there. Very odd to me. It was open to the basement with a peice similar to a damper in the middle. Any ideas of what this is? Is it safe?

Also, this was the first time I have encountered a furnace this old. Tried to explain it was old but I really did not know much about it. I think I did ok BSing my way out. Any tips for future encounters.


It looks like a old coal furnace converted to gas, The hole was for a damper .
BTW that may be asbestos around the pipe. We use to call them a octopus furnace .
It has to at least 30 years or more. the burner which is converted appears to be a 1993
At any rate they would save a lot by changing the unit.

That hole is a barometric damper and yes I think Wayne is right looks to be an old coal conversion but is probably more than 50 years in age my guess. BTW my defination of BS is called the HI dance.

Any safety conserns with the barometric damper? Possible carbon monoxide entering home? How do they work?

I think I “danced” very well! Considering I was wearing boots and all!!

Is the damper still in it? I am getting older and can not hold the lap top far enough to see lol , Steve I wouldn’t waste to much on that one , Recommend License contractor and move on , To OLD for any reason unless you want a working unit for the Hall of Heating and Air For Old Crap

Btw that thing is almost as old as i am.

just finished up the report reccomended evaluation by HVAC and possible replacement. I was just looking for info on these old units as I know very little about them (possibly twice my age)

Thanks for the input!