Omega Sprinkler Head

I found what I believe to be an Omega Sprinkler head in a condo today…just wanted to confirm if anyone would be willing to help, thanks.

doesn’t look exactly like the recalled i’ve seen
regardless it’s leaked and requires repair
there should have been spares in a red box on-site adjacent to the riser which i hope you inspected
if not contact the hoa inspection records or sprinkler installer for further accurate info & leak remedy

Based on unfinished mud job? how do you know what leaked wasn’t repaired?

Doesn’t look like the photos I’ve seen or the few I’ve run into.

Here’s the recal:

Thank you, Bob.

repaired leaks generally don’t have undisturbed encrusted rust deposits
but you know this

You’re welcome. Bear in mind that recall was years ago and many of the homeowners who were paid to replace the recalled heads simply used the money for other needs. They could do this because the recalled heads did not leak they would simply not operate in the event of fire.