Recalled Omega Fire Sprinklers

Came across these sprinkler heads recently that were recalled.

Some installed over 10 years ago have been paid off to the original home purchaser who did not replace them. The problem is a failure to release water,so they will appear OK and won’t leak.

I write them up for CYA.

Google Omega sprinkler recall.

Have a link to the recall?

Here’s the CPSC recall/settlement:

A good practice is to include the link in your report. I have made PDF’s of recalls and included them in the report. Don’t know if that improved the odds of them being read, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks. Good reminder of a 16 year old recall.

I still see these sprinkler heads. As I pointed out, many who benefited from the original settlement spent the money on other things.

16 year old or not, it’s a current issue for lawyers who would more than love to collect from your insurance.

Don’t think it doesn’t happen. I know of one instance here where it did!

CYA - No one else will!

Thanks for the heads up.

So it appears that Omega is distinguished by the lack of a glass bulb. Is that correct? And I don’t see any concealed heads pictured.

It does appear that way. Central agreed to replace the Omega sprinkler heads with glass bulb types.

To the best of my knowledge all the concealed types are glass bulbs, differing only in their mounting heights and the concealment plate that drops away from sprinkler discharge. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t conceal them.

If they are concealed I just note that. I don’t disassemble them.