Small Change to the CMI Certificate

Hi folks!

Based on member requests, I’ve talked to the MICB board and we’ve decided to remove the dates from the CMI certificates. As Nick says, “A CMI is a CMI is a CMI. For Life.”

You can get your certificates by going to and searching for yourself. You’ll see a link to the certificate under your listing, next to the “Safe Home” custom book link.

Keep sending in suggestions!

Thanks Tim.

:idea:Ding Wang It!!! I was going to use that line.:mrgreen:

Way to listen…thanks, Tim. :slight_smile:

Who is on the 'board"?

You guy’s must have an “easy button”. :smiley: but John M., George W.and me are the active participants. George also runs the CMI booth at every event in N. America. We’ll be down your way Russell in April in Orlando.

Awesome. What about removing the dates from the other cert as well. You could still send the proper info to the States for CE credits but make the certs not dated.

I feel it would keep us from looking like we just learned things therefore lack real experience. If undated then it just would look like an accomplishment. What do the rest of you guys think.

An example is I recently did some consulting and took the newest courses on the topic and would rather it not look like I just learned the info. For me it was just refresher information but I wanted to be sure nothing new had come along since last studing up on the info. I was kind of concerned it would affect how they thought of my expertise even though it was a subject I have been involved with my entire adult life.

If you’re secure in your knowledge and abilities (and I’m not saying that you aren’t), what should it matter? The reality is that we are not all at the same level of knowledge at our profession. While a newly earned certificate may not carry as much perceived value as one that is two years old, it will two years from now.

Correct, so why not make us look as good as possible. Is that not the whole idea.

I’m just saying why give info that may make us look less educated than we are if it is not necessary.

The exact reason they made the change they did. No other.

An example when I took nachi’s wind mitigation course. Being the first person to do so I had already been doing wind mits for a few years. That could lead folks to believe I just learned how to do them when in fact I took the course just for fun as I did not even need it by State law.

Does that make my opinion understandable?

Your only pretty as you feel.

Mike, you’ve earned a CMI designation, congratulations. Why are you trying to make your certificate appear to be something it’s not?

I never figured you for a liberal, and this is a stereotypical liberal thought process. For you to remove the dates from the certificates to make yours appear more prestigious, the prestige of mine that was issued in 2012 must be diminished.

So, everybody gets an A? That’s a liberal thought process.
For someone who has so openly and publicly expressed their absolute disgust for home inspections and the home inspection industry, you sure are putting a lot of effort into making this newly purchased designation appear to be something it’s not.

I will say, however, that it’s nice to see you being positive in your posting, rather than the normal, depressing gloom and doom:D

I did not think up the ideas for CMI cert changes I just think with the continuing ed there is no reason for the dates for the reasons I explained. my best example is the Wind mit course. That gives the appearance that I just learned about wind mits when I had been doing them for years. My less doom and gloom is part of my new CMI personality :slight_smile:

I think you make a good point here. Just my opinion people.

In my State, the dates would have to be on the CE certs to show when you took/passed them as taking the same classes 2 years in a row would not qualify for CE credits the second time around.

Mike there should be levels also! This is achieved by having the 50 hrs/year and that alone is hard enough to achieve. The certification provided each year is there to prove you qualify for this. If it where not there than all you would have is the one award and one could use the certs they have acquired from years of experience to show they have qualified long time back for the basic license requirements.
This works out best for the Veterans! IMO

Hi -

Unfortunately, the educational certificates are part of a much more complex system, which is often used to comply with state regulations. We can’t remove the date an exam is taken from the certificate.


So be it :slight_smile: Just a thought. Thanks for the answer.