Defect slide show

Anyone interested in defect pictures in a slide show:

Yes me. However now I have to wait till later. Site is blocked lol?


What brand were those recalled AFCI breakers David?

Square D

Thanks Larry K!

Good eye! :wink:

No problem.

It’s a nice slide show. Good addition to your site. :smiley:

Very nice.

Looks good David!! Much better than just a powerpoint slide the client would have to download.

The power point was something else I was working on.

I printed the PP to PDF instead.

That works too. It also guarantees the client will be able to view it as not everyone has powerpoint.

You can run a video but you can’t run a PP show.

Any way to get around that? Save the project in another format?

Powerpoint unfortunately doesn’t have the ability, but OpenOffice does. If you download OpenOffice, you can open your PowerPoint presentation in Impress (OO versions of PP), then export your presentation as a flash file. Then you can insert it in to your website. The export doesn’t always work perfectly but it’s usually not too bad.

Thanks, I’ll keep that on file. I may put it to a test some day.

David, this is your slide show? Can I tell other members about it and link to it?

I raise you a couple Dave. haha

I am gathering some of thermal images laid over normal pictures. I figure that would make a cool slideshow.

Feel free, Nick!

I have a bunch more (some are much better) but I can only “pick at things” a little day-by-day! :wink:

I’m working mostly on “Move-In-Certified” stuff right now. I’m going to break into this local market somehow!

Ben, It’s no wonder why thoes Realtors love you so much over there!

You have been finding great stuff for years!

I love it :smiley:

You should!

You started it! :wink:

Here are the photoscape thermals.