Colorado burning all around me.

Nick, Come to Florida… we have all your rain!

Nick, how far are the fires in relations to HQ. Just asking.

The top video was taken from the roof of our building about 2 hours ago. I co-founded None of our clients’ homes have been damaged in any of the fires.

Wow! Almost to close for comfort isn’t it.?

Fire Mitigation, man, you are into all kinds of things aren’t you? :slight_smile:

Insecurity combined with A.D.D.

Son called said the AF academy was evacuated He has them at the gym at Petersen. said the smoke was rolling in at times.

What started the blaze?

I would assume lightning. But there are 14 major fires around us. Tens of thousands of acres lost already. Hundreds of homes lost.

Maybe Obama started it in an effort to stimulate the economy? You know, like Bush blew the dikes and caused the Hurricane to hit New Orleans.

These might help .

PIC from yesterday

Nick, that is a pretty up close and personal picture. Is the office in any danger? Or your home?

Colorado Springs has a major disaster happening…Live coverage


Take care and be safe Steven

I have kids out near Vail but it’s OK there for now.

Thanks everyone, we are safe at this time.
They are evacuating towards Woodland Park,
and areas north and west, as the fire just grows unabated.

Thanks Steve I hope it ends soon , all The best… Roy

Now I have this image stuck in my head… Bush blowing Dykes… LOL!!!

Check this out: