On-line Scheduling

Hi, everyone! We think on-line appointment scheduling, such as ‘Setster’ or ‘Bookfresh’, would be a good way to build our business. Have any of you used one of these services? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?
Dave Truman
DS Group

Try through you website directly or use a service like InspectionSupport.net. The latter has some awesome tools.

I used my online scheduling at www.chicagolandhomeinspector.com earlier this week for the first time and the client actually sent a email raving about how much he liked it.

I am talking about the online agreement actually or do you guys mean like a calendar fill like on Gcal?

That’s what I like to hear :smiley:

www.InspectionSupport.net offers so much, and the customer service is excellent. Just like Dom’s.

I dislike the idea of paying for an automated program to send emails and reminders when I can set that up through G cal and G mail.
Certain advantages of being a small business include the personal touch.

Automation eliminates that advantage.

I do not even set drafts for confirmation letters (intentionally)

Perhaps it might be handy for some though (How much)?

They have a lot more features than automated emails Bob. It’s a really good system for tracking almost all aspects of your business. Everything from what area most of your inspections are coming from to tracking your mileage.

Gosh I see that on Google maps for free.
How much again?

Maybe I could start a business doing this :mrgreen:

I put all that info in my calendar as I set up my client info and it is very easy.

Instead of giving the info to a third party simply add the address into G Cal and save then reopen where it will take you to the map site and mileage is factored in right there followed by clicking on web at the upper right side which takes you to all the listing info.

Copy/paste this stuff right into G cal where it will always be instantly searchable.

G cal can be saved off line or to a mulitude of other applications which often are free or a minimal one time charge.

I do not get into the email marketing but there are services such as constant contact which i think even you use or there are free options such as …http://mailchimp.com/

I just signed up again. I missed not having the ISN.

I’m going to try this out, certainly is cheap enough…!


Condo, your doing one hell of a LOT of typing that is automated with the system their talking about. www.InspectionSupport.net

Let us know what you think.

There’s a lot of things there that GMail can’t just do, especially automatically. Using features of their like follow up emails, tracking what cities you’re not marketing to hard enough, automated sms text reminders to clients/agents about appointments, business reports (http://www.inspectionsupport.net/features/business-reporting/) , etc kick butt. I’ve seen quite a few HIP users using it and they’ve shown me the features and raved about them.


A man named Dan Huber from Inspection-Support emailed back this evening, after I asked a couple questions in an earlier email I sent.

I’m signing up for their Service Monday…I didn’t know they offer so much, for so little money, its really incredible everything their product does…!

I can’t see how anyone could possibly do what they have-offer for the low prices.

I wonder what happens to all that saved information if you stop paying them?
Just being skeptical plus automated means loss of control in one sense.

Dan is one of their owners. Chris Schuld is their geek. Both really nice guys which is why I chos to make HIP integrate with their system even though they technically have a competing inspection software too.

They let you export all the information at any time. You can ask Drew, he used them at one point previously.

Dale, it is really helpful for your multi-inspector shaq biz. It will set a calendar for each guy. There is some data entry required, but after that it is pretty much automatic.

Dan Huber is an excellent guy. He is one of the owners. You will hear from Stephanie after you sign up, she is a big help also.


No issues there. You can export contacts to CSV files, reports are backed up and archived, all retrievable for you.

They even saved my previous ISN, so when I signed back up I was back up and running in minutes. They must know that when you leave, you WILL be back!:mrgreen:

I left because I thought I could perform these services all on my own. I probably can, and for free, just not as quickly and efficiently.:wink:

Sounds good Drew, I certainly plan on giving it a shot…all the features available are really incredible for the low fees.