On-Site built Trusses


How can you judge if a truss is built on-site or not?

You can’t . But probably was.

That was an onsite built truss. And, did you check the white for moisture?
If there are any anomalies, I would recommend a structural engineer…I may do it anyway.

Good inspecting!

Yes. I noticed the white. It was the first thing I saw. But I am still learning about the built on-site vs. others now. Once I get a couple more photos down-pat, it will all make sense with these trusses.I’m a visual learner…

I found this online at http://www.treesranch.com/dimension/1280x960/upload/2016/05/05/roof-truss-design-software-steel-roof-truss-design-software-lrg-a74dc98f6480e8c9.jpg
Now this totally confuses me…does anyone have a simple explanation as to why you need this knowledge and how it would benefit a Home Inspector if at all?


That is more in line with what the engineer would use.

Hey Dakota and others,
My background is in roof and open web floor truss design. Perhaps I could assist you in answering any questions you might have. Let me know!