One bathroom vents into the other

What was your narrative, Edwin?

Are you certain that it is bathroom exhaust? It looks like jumper duct. Possibly for return air.

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how could that even work, perhaps installed by someone that liked to share a little too much with their significant other ???

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My comment was simply “The bathroom vents connect to each other, i.e. one bathroom vents into the other. They should vent independently to the exterior or at a minimum to the roof ridge or gable vent area. Recommend correction.”

They were definitely vents, the client actually turned each on while I was there to verify. Someone was creative but this won’t work.


No end to the creativity of ignorance!.


His and hers venting. Common in southern Ohio.

Yes, the studded wall was a good clue.

Well, at least it’s insulated. :+1:


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that cant be code compliant anywhere … :roll_eyes:


You can’t say “code” in Ohio!


I just did… :flushed: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Just wanted to say hi to my fan club.

Sorry if I didn’t mention anyone. Here is your chance to chime in.

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What do home inspections have to do with code?

Just wait until you come across a kitchen vent and bathroom vent tied together. :rofl:

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absolutely nothing…


I say nothing but IN OHIO the Chair of the OHIB says that you better know code and he teaches his ASHI students to know it. Part of the reason I’m trying to get him off of the board. He pushes ASHI every chance that he gets. His job is to be neutral.

No sense knowing something that no one follows or cannot use to say it is wrong. Can’t even look at something to report on its condition.

I have been at almost every meeting, except Covid, to try to get the Chair to address, clarify, some of these rules. He lets me speak then says we will discuss it next meeting. You think that I am not like here!

If you guys want to bring up Ohio rules, how about we try doing it in the Ohio forum? These posts are being taken over by calling me out. Let’s be fair to the people who don’t want this in every thread.