Bubba gets by with a little help from my HI friends

i get high with a lil help from my friends…

whatcha think… lady just bought this house, what’s the deal with that VENT in 2nd floor bathroom, code? NO water came through window

quick outside look

and basement leaks, Bubba got this, got milk?

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so is it okay to for bathroom vent into chimney? anyone there lol just asking

That vent ties into the chimney? That doesn’t make any sense.

I figured the vent was just in the wall and came out there.

I suspect that the flashing on the chimney facing the roof at the roof is leaking into the wall, hitting the vent and exiting into the bathroom.

If there isn’t a cricket, I can almost certainly guarantee that’s your problem.


it appears that way yes, vent is away from window, opoosite chimney… question… would this be anti–code?

No, that would not be okay. Nor would it be acceptable code-wise.

BUT, I’m with Mark….I think it is just a wall vent in the bathroom having nothing to do with the chimney.

I, also, think Mark is probably correct that the water is coming from the uphill chimney/roof joint into the wall and out at the vent in the bathroom.


my best guess also from ohio…

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Take off the vent cover, it probably directly bends down toward the basement or to the nearest trunk.

I cannot, under any scenario, see how or why someone would vent a bathroom into brick chimney that is probably venting the furnace. It would kill the upstairs residents when the furnace kicks in. It simply wouldn’t be done that way.

I think that vent is simply the first stop in the water course from the roof. Good thing too…you at least see a problem before it rots out some structure and attracts termites.

thank you ALL for comments, much appreciated!!