One Source Solutions

Does anyone recommend One Source Solutions to their clients. Received a call from them today and it sounds like a good service but wanted Some feed back from someone who actually works with them.


Me too!

Why would you do that?

Not sure if people would use it or not. It sounds like they might. Getting all your utilities and services set up with one call and letting them shop for the best price sounds OK. If that is what they really do. That’s why I am looking for the feed back.

Perhaps you need to be more specific and post some exact information regarding your query!

Seems to be a completely different company to me!
This is their site.
So tell us all about the sales pitch?
On a side note: I see you link to Recall Services on your site. Thanks for using We Make It Safer that in and of itself sets you apart from the crowd!
Additional Information from the O S Connects website:
Do you protect my client’s privacy? We collect the same information that the utility companies will require. In most cases the utility companies will require your client’s social security number, date of birth, place of employment, etc. Your client’s information will only be shared with those companies that your client has approved. We do not sell/trade your client’s information.
***Please review our Privacy Policy posted on our Website.