InterNACHI's Initial Accreditation Application Is Accepted

InterNACHI’s initial application for attaining federal accreditation and recognition by the U.S. Department of Education as an 501©(6) accredited school that offers a free, online Home Inspector Certificate Program and Home Inspection Associate Degree Program to its members as been accepted. We’re on schedule to attain full accreditation by December 2018.



Will be interested to see the AA Degree requirements.

Great job.
A great way to to stem the .sh. push for licensing in currently unlicensed States.
Why they are pushing, besides making additional income from an “independent test”, is unknown.

very nice!!

I have been waiting for this moment for a few years, so stinking excited

To get into your pockets AS ALWAYS :frowning:

That’s great news!!

I’m stoked!! Excellent news!!


Awesome accomplishment!

Awesome. Membership in InterNACHI just got FAR more valuable.

Quick question, does this change the course material? Is it retro active, or will the material change?

When states require licensing do they typically accept previous classes listed on our transcripts?

For example Ohio is working on requiring licensing and currently in the House of Representatives awaiting their vote.

Im concerned that ill have to retake all of my courses… Any other advice for preparing for this change would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin I would fight it to the death if you still have a shot :smiley:

Not sure why there is so much resistance to licensing. It’s not that big a deal.

It is only a giant waste of time and money that lowers prices in every state it happens in.

Meeker is Florida licensed?

YUP :frowning: It has screwed us good.

I’m not completely happy with how the Tennessee Home Inspector program has handled everything, but for the most part they have been pretty responsive to our concerns. At least there is communication between our state organization and the state folks.

What has Florida done to pee in your cornflakes?

Cost me unnecessary time and money Every Two Years. Tells me how to run my biz instead of leaving that between the client and myself. Has caused all people to appear equal in the eyes of MOST clients as long as any douchebag has a piece of paper they are worthy instead of being judged on their experience.

I’ll NEVER understand why friggen people WANT the Gov in their pockets and biz. In my opinion ANYONE for it is a fool and idiot!