Online agreement and cc?

There a many times that the buyers agent wants to see the contract being sent. Is there an easy way to cc: when you are sending the agreement from the “NACHInoreply” email?

Is the buyer agent your client’s agent. Other wise, I do not understand why a buyers agent needs to see your contract with your client.

What business is it of the agents?

Hi -

It won’t be difficult to add a box for CCing any email address. I’ll have it updated in a day or two. Thanks for the suggestion!


Ask the Buyer’s agent for a copy of her representation agreement with your client. Quid pro quo, y’all!

If the agent represents your client, it is the agent’s business, just like it would be the business of the attorney that represents your client.

Then the agent should request a copy of the inspection agreement from the client or have the client instruct the inspector to provide one. I would never, based solely on an agent’s demand, send that without the client’s instructions and approval.

I sort of disagree, Nick. The agent represents the buyer in the Real Estate transaction, but not the inspection.

The inspection is performed to educate the buyer about the house they are planning to put a lot of money into.

I have never worked with an agent nor included them in the inspection process. This separation of duty has made the buyer, as my inspection client, a lot more comfortable that there would be no collusion between the inspector and the agent.

If your client’s attorney asked for a copy of the report, would you provide it for the attorney?

I attach a copy of the agreement to the report. Never had a request for the agent to get a copy before the inspection. It’s none of their concern before the inspection and only needed to forward to the attorney after the inspection.

Not without my clients (who’s name is on the PIA) permission.

I would provide one for the client to give to the attorney–on the advice of my own.

I have never been cowed by attorneys–they lose their car keys just like everybody else.

And knowing my attorney as I do, he would be more interested in why the clients attorney wants to see a copy–why would his own legal client (my buyer-client) have a need for an attorney.

I have frequently advised potential clients, in certain instances, to seek an attorney *before *proceeding with the house purchase or the inspection–I could sense ill winds a-rising.

No, no, no. My PIA with my client, is not part of the deal. The agent shouldn’t have a right to it. If the client wants to give a copy to there agent,then I can’t stop them. Since an attorney is an officer of the court, there is probably a different set of rules.