Speaking of Inspection Agreements...

About the agreement… How do most of you go about getting it signed? Do you use the online agreement through NACHI? I believe I saw another online agreement website also.

I know I can do snail mail as well. Also, Faxing.

Obviously, I know if the client is going to be there at the time of inspection, I can have them sign it there. I’m just curious about the times that the client isin’t there, or doesn’t come until the inspection is almost over.

I’ve also noticed a lot of you saying that you email the report to the Realtor. Does the NACHI agreement have a place for the client to mark so the inspector can release the inspection report to the Realtor?



Also, if the REALTOR is a buyer’s agent, no permission form is needed. Handing something to someone’s designated representative (be it a REALTOR or Attorney or whatever) is no different then handing it to the client him/herself. Agency law goes all the way back to 1400 AD.

Do it all the time works great for us.

Might be splitting hairs, but I don’t think that’s the case in Illinois


"Section 1410.300 Grounds for Discipline
** …**

c) The licensee discloses any information concerning the results of a home inspection without the approval of the client. …"

I have the client sign saying its ok to give to their agent, just in case.

There is language in the Law about the clients rep signing the agreement, but not here.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Disclosing the results of a home inspection to a client’s chosen representative (agent or attorney) is not disclosing it to someone else without the client’s permission… it’s disclosing it to the client. An agent of a principal is the same as the principal.

Understood, thanks.

Except when the Client tells you they don’t even trust their own agent…:slight_smile:

This will be an interesting situation…
Why would some one like to have an agent like this. Trust is everything and if you can’t trust then do it yourself, why need an agent at all. All you need is a lawyer to close the deal.