Online Course for certification

The organization of this Web page is very confusing to me. It is not chronologically organized.

To become a certified inspector the page begins with the link to the exam instead of links to the online course you need to take to learn the info before the exam!?!?!

I keep seeing I need to complete the online courses to become certified yet there is no course I can find anywhere that is titled or labeled “online course to take to become certified”.

The only course I can find is the one that says to complete it sometime in the first year.

Is that the course I need to take to learn the material to pass the exam to become certified now and not wait to take it or is their another specific online course to take prior to taking the exam?

Thanks for the help.

John Haverstick

Hi, go to this page and login:

Then scroll down below the icons and you will see the course you need to take. It starts with “25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know” and so on.

Hope it helps.


You’re correct. It is very confusing, and in reverse order in my opinion.

To become a certified professional home inspector through InterNachi you do not have to take any courses first to learn the valuable information you need to become a knowledgeable home inspector.

All you need to do is pass the exam. You’re not required to take or pass any educational courses.

Once you pass the exam, and become a member, you need to pass these two almost meaningless courses;

And of course pay the membership fee.

And bam! you are a CPI.

That’s just not true. We literally have thousands of applicants who have taken many of our courses, some have taken all of them over and over yet still remain an invisible student member to this day. Many have been stuck there for years and can’t get certified.

Here is the real answer to your question: WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY COURSES YOU HAVE TO TAKE TO BECOME CERTIFIED! How could we? We don’t know you. Maybe you’re an existing veteran home inspector and can pass our requirements with one hand tied behind your back. Maybe you’re a burnt out, ex html programmer who wants to be a home inspector but who knows nothing about the systems and components of a home and has to take all of our 100+ courses three times each. We have no idea what you need to do.

Correct. Take the exam first and fail it a few times. At the end of the exam the exam system will tell you where you are weak and what to study. I have no idea what your weaknesses are. Perhaps you don’t either. Our exam system does.

You have to take whatever courses you need. I don’t know what those courses are. You might not either. Our exam system does.
Each of those courses has quizzes that you have to pass to complete the course. You can’t skip over them. The system won’t let you.
Each of those courses has a final exam.
You also have to take our SOP and COE courses. Every applicant does.
You also have to submit 4 mock inspection reports. Every new inspector does.
You also have to sign your affidavit.

I don’t really know how could be made any clearer.

That’s because no such course exists. Membership in InterNACHI is not based on the completion of one course.

Go here: and scroll down the left column. You’ll find many courses.

How would we know? We don’t know your background. You don’t even know which courses you need to take so how could we know over here in Boulder, Colorado? Only our exam system knows what you need. It’s really good at determining much about you. Let it do its thing.

On a side note: The same built-in intelligence used in our entrance exam is also used in all of our course quizzes and exams.

Because inspectors can’t be 70% right and 30% wrong on a real inspection… the purpose of our quiz and exam systems isn’t to prove to us what you know. Their purpose is to alert you to what you don’t know (that’s what’s really important), and make sure that deficiency (in you) is corrected.

Don’t use InterNACHI to prove something to us, use it to improve you… constantly.

John just remember NACHIs education is Awesome and you can learn a ton here, BUT your state may have its own licensing requirements, and that is what counts, not Nachi or any other organization or club you may belong to.

What state are you in and someone here can give you the low down ?



I didn’t mean my remarks as a slight toward this organization. I m very impressed with everything Ive seen BUT …

as a novice and completely new to this field this is my feedback on trying to get started as a brand new person. I meant it to be feedback to hopefully help your web page improve and to help other people who were just as confused as i was. I have a masters degree and it was extremely confusing as it is worded now. I can promise you I am not the first person to have this impression.

But the good news is you took the time to explain this process in detail which is exactly what is missing on the webpage. Thank you for taking time to do that. I appreciate it very much. I’m sure you are a very busy man.

I am very excited about this organization and getting certified and being apart of it for a very long time!!! Thanks again to everyone who replied!!!

Jim I’m in Missouri. No licensing for us. Thank you for thinking of that. I appreciate it very much.