Online education?

majored in English when was at university. I have been engaged in logistics jobs for almost 4 years. Now I got the bottle neck of my jobs, I feel lack of professional logistics knowledge, and I am considering to take a online-education. Would anyone please give me a good suggestion about the online education?

Check out the education at NACHI. And most of it is free.

Your GPA in an MBA program is not siginficant whatsoever. Most folks looking for a candidate with an MBA will accept it without questioning your GPA, and your true test will come in the interview.

. What is important is that you have a high GPA, a high GMAT score and have work experience. In the smaller company, you will have more responsibility and you will get greater experience that you would starting with a large company. A top school will look at the type of work you have done and the kind of accredited distance learning mba programs responsibility you had. But the real kicker is the GPA and GMAT score. If those are high, many schools will take you even with no work experience.


You are confusing college credit with on-line offerings, many of which are free, as offered through this association.

Continuing education for home inspectors is offered through a variety of venues. NACHI makes traditional and on-line classes available to its members at reduced rates.

GMAT, GPA, and other jazz has little bearing on what quality education is all about.

The greatest course in the world could be taught by a lousy instructor, and totally suck. A mediocre course could be taught by a dynamic instructor and be well received. Teaching is part science, but mostly art, IMO.

NACHI’s philosophy has always been to endorse courses until such time as negative feedback outnumbers positive feedback, after which the course will no longer be endorsed by us.

While I can appreciate your comments, you need to also realize that, for an instructor, if students leave a presentation knowing one more thing on the subject than what they knew before taking the course, then the course presentation was a success…

We just got our upcoming online video HVAC Inspection course approved for 3 college credits. We filmed it at a community college. We have a 40 hour course coming which includes inspecting residential and light commercial HVAC systems.