Should classrooms for home inspectors be outlawed in favor of online education?

Ths same logic would need to apply to elementary, secondary and college education as well.

Outlawed? You’ve got to be kidding me.


I am a big proponent of on-line education but it does have it’s limitations, very many times over the last few years I have had students in class doing the classroom version of one of the online courses that I have written for NACHI, without fail they tell me that they get more out of the class by interacting with the instructor and fellow students.

I do think that more states should allow on-line CE though, if that is how local inspectors wish to learn at home.



Perhaps Nick is in need of a Hyperbaric Chamber, or at least a few days at Sea Level may be in order. :smiley:

In a perfect world we would all have competent, quality ,continuing education classes available to us locally for a reasonable cost …with the price of gas…time being what it is…(never enough of)…and the hassle of traveling…On line continuing education is a wonderful option and Nachi sure seems to be taking that Bull by the horns…thanks guys !!!..jim

It really does not matter what classes you take. It does not matter what education or mechanical abilities you have. You cannot ignore, or beat, on the job training. New inspectors should have a minimum of 50 inspections with a highly qualified, experienced inspector before he/she goes out on his/her own.

ASHI tried to write that into the last Missouri HI Law telling their members they could lower their rates by $100 to be super competitive…and then take along a couple of trainees for $75 per inspection, a piece.

Required mentoring is nothing but a scam. If an inspector makes the individual business decision to do this kind of training, that’s fine…but no one should be making that decision for others.

I’m finding that inspectors have been led to believe that all their training should be free or next to free. They have to get in the real world where nothing is really free even medicare!!!

I hope Nick can get this free training agenda going for doctors, so they can drop their prices down to ours and a hospital bed doesn’t cost $1,800 per day or more!!! Lawyers and chartered accountants will be the next to convince that this system is better and cheaper so their rates can drop also!

Brian writes:

Uh, wrong.

Brian writes:

Uh, right. Our online and online video courses have already received Bar approval for the CE of lawyers.

Should real sex be outlawed in favor of online sex.:shock:

Careful Brian!! I had one of my posts commenting on Nick’s present state removed today…talk about free speech… and it didn’t even contain any ^%(*#@@## words!!

Starting to feel like being back on the Mikey Holmes forum…dissension not tolerated! And then the cult members gather round to protect the leader.

Agreed!!!..No!..Strongly agreed!!!

Lawyers don’t go out and inspect houses with the reponsibilities/liabilities that go along with that function. It’s most likely a bit of a general interest item for them or to better their knowledge of the HI industry so that when suits come along they’re not starting at ZIP!!

Nick, what ever happened to that? I’ve seen members curse and swear at each other worse than troopers on these boards with virtually nothing happening to them. Is that what the $289 buys?

Brian, that is very far from fair, both myself and Joe F have disagreed with Nick in this post (as we have on many others over the last 5-6 years) and I don’t see any members slavishly following the cult here either!!

Please try to make your arguments fit the facts, rather than your beliefs fitting your motives.



Well, let’s see if Brian’s post here or Rudolph Reusse’s on another thread get removed. My removed post was in a similar vein but a little more strongly stated.

Brian, none of the above is germaine to the discussion about the validity (or lack of) of online vs classroom education. If you want an axe grinding competition please keep it to the Canadian area of the board where yourself and the multiple personality posters can bait each other all day long.



This is fantastic, Nick.

In which states and which classes? This should be yelled to the rafters!

On line classes approved by the Bar Asociation for Attorney’s would be a great addition to the courses I offer in conjunction with paralegal training.

Which classes are approved by the Bar exam?

How many hours are they approved for?

Can an attorney sign up via and which states allow them?

Thanks in advance. Please let me know.

As for on-line education versus traditional educationis concerned, I find I must respond.

As an educator, which many consider a vendor, I have been making many classes available for InterNACHI Members at a significant discount.

New York State does not recognize on-line classes for Home Inspection Licensing nor for Continuing Education for Home Inspectors.

Real Estate does, but requires each course to be ARELLO Approved, through the US Dept. of Education. Appraisal is also permitted, but required IDECC approved, through the US Dept. of Education.

ARELLO and NYS regs for real estate require each student to be timed, in 5 minute intervals. In the event the class does not see interactivity of the student in a 5 minute interval, such as moving the page. etc, the system closes, and the student must restart the class.

These courses are closely timed, and as such no credit to issued, even if the student completes all materials, quizzes, etc. but does not meet the time requirement for credit.

Approvals are first to be approved by ARELLO and/or IDECC and then, and only then by the New Yok State, Dept. of State. The process typically takes upwards of 4-6 months and there are both state and federal fees involved.

The courses must be supervised, and the approved instructor, must, be available for questions during normal business hours by each student.

Once the class is completed, the course requires the student to fax an affidavit to the school. The school must certify that the hour requirement was met via the timing mechanism. The timing mechanism must also be subject to quarterly review to make sure that the timing mechanism is working properly. The school, must then notify the State of NY in writing within 15 days of the course completion, to remain in school compliance. The student must also receive a raised seal, signed certificate showing course completion, in compliance with NYS regulations. Completions must be kept on file for no less than 5 years, subject to NYS review and audit.

I agree that on-line courses serve a viable, useful method of education. I also believe that traditional courses are superior based upon direct interaction and student feedback in a seminar.

Home Inspectors and other disciplines desire to learn. They have many questions, and these questions are a valuable part of a seminar or course. This is true of both introductory and advanced classes.

This is Just my opinion.

I wish you all well, and I make these statements as both a school, an educator, a traditional course provider in several disciplines, and an on-line course provider.

P.T. Barnum was right.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find a home inspection association in the midst of this vending machine.