Online Permit Search?

**Can you find permits online for plumbing, electrical, etc and what are the exact sites and pages to go to?

Jonathan Wilhelm
HomeScout Inspections**

Some counties do have their permits online (Orange, Duval). Do a google search for the county you are looking for.

Here is a link for Broward county.

AND THEN AFTER YOU HAVE DONE IT AND FOUND OUT WHAT YOU CAN YOU CAN PONDER HOW TO INCORPRATE THE INFO INTO YOUR REPORT. The info may not always be present. The home I am inspecting tommorrow was never permitted for construction according to the county’s clerk of courts site and yet the mortgage info is there and the tax assesors site has it. Now what?

Thats OK. Just came home from an inspection that shows online roofing permits in 2007. Cant imagine what they are for. The flat roof has been roofed over and the shingle roof is a mess - different shingles, missing shingles, rusted nails. Some one must have been drunk when they signed off on that one.