Orange County Permit Lookup

To all my fellow Central Florida Home Inspectors (and poachers from out of the area) you have probably noticed that the easy to access Orange County permit lookup is no longer available. The site has changed.
Here is the new url to go to:
The secret for success is "less is more, put in the street number and name (not ave, st, rd etc. Just the name) and hit enter. You will have greater success that way than putting in the entire address.
See you all at the convention.

thanks, Aubrey

That new system is still a work in progress. I ran into issues when it first went up and showed them that everything was not on the new system. They are fixing it but if you do not find a permit and your customer insists that there was one, Call the county. You might be surprised.

Robert, you are quite correct. I have had a couple of long conversations with them about it and they are trying to get things running as smoothly as the old system. Unfortunately they have shut down the old site (dumb idea) and you have to pray that you find what you need or call them as you have suggested.