Finding past records

Curious. What are some resources for looking up past building permits, code inspections, or other county records where you might be able to search by address? When I was a REALTOR I could easily grab tax data off the MLS now I’m not sure where too look. St. Johns County. TIA

There are many sources of permit data, but start with the city or county building department (search “Jacksonville permits” or similar). Every tax district/municipality has their own database, some aren’t online at all, and you have to call them directly.

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Every county is different. In my county you need to make a telephone call and depending on how old it is they may or may not have a permit recorded. An adjacent county has permits online. State tax records are all available online (Maryland) but won’t tell you much more than build date and appraisal value. Start at the county records office with a phone call.

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