Do you think Chris should program an online questionnaire relating to CMI for the inspectors on line?

If so what questions should be asked on the questionnaire.ow many should we use?

Please try to keep to the most important questions as I have not asked Chris about this yet.

Also what do you think about a questionnaire for realtors and/or clients?

I believe Nick has a data base of realtors we can send to for feedback. Many are bored right now so we may get a good response!

Any thoughts


I think that considering marketing this program to real estate salespeople and clients before you have yet to define what a CMI is or what the qualifications will be is absurd.

Perhaps when one can answer the question “What is a CMI?” and “What does it take to qualify to be a CMI?”, this thread will have relevance.

No, no questionaire.


With all due respect, you seem to be extremely confused and conflicted by a program that you are going to be in charge of.

You seem to be changing "the already established rules and regulations."

You have already brought in Jeff H. and put him is a position of power. This is a man who hates and despises NACHI and has publically stated his hatred.

  • His presence will only serve to polarise and divide the CMI program.

  • This act of self sabotage and destruction is bewildering to me.
    I think that until you answer the many questions posed to you already by Home Inspectors who are both for and against the CMI program that you should not invite comments and or draw criticism for “outsiders.”

I think we are a little premature .
Until the nay sayers here get them selves straight on there thoughts .
The public and agents have very little knowledge on this yet . My thoughts Roy

I’m really curious why all these discussions are not in the Member’s Only forum? Why should the world be watching this?

The CMI designation is one that exceeds the boundaries of the association. So must the discussion.

Jeff H is now a CMI - time to change your web site and add CMI. How does it feel to become part of the Nick team??

Congratulations Jeff – More letters behind your name but these are the best

Looking forward to your ideas - Mike your boss needs your help


Send out the Questionnaire tonite:)

You devil, you…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Right now, it would appear, Mike R. the vendor and Mike R. the president, are having a bit of a struggle in trying to decide which end of the horse to tie the cart to. Perhaps another half dozen threads will do the trick.:wink:


CMI is not NACHI – please read related posts – it is open to all HI’s regardless of to Org membership – Thus it should never be in the members only area

What gives you the idea that it should be there??


It should be somewhere private. Not everyone should be privvy to the inner deliberations of an business.

I have a few questions for you.

  1. How many inspectors are in the CMI program?
  2. How many of these are members of NACHI?

If even 51% are members of NACHI how could you put this person in a position of power!

His comments want me to stay as far away from this CMI program as possible.
QUOTE: **If you are a member, then you too are part of the problem ****END QUOTE: **
As a matter of fact his presence by its self is a HUGE endorsement for all NACHI members to stay away.

Nachi will allow anyone to be a member and will not do anything. Nachi and tricky Nick will do anything. They are a discrace to the professional inspection world.** If you are a member, then you too are part of the problem as you enable this lieing association to exist.** Wake up and smell the coffee. Get real.

I was a member of that piece of @#$% org once. Too bad for me.

Jeff G Hooper

It took me 5 years for one of my professional licenses and 4 for the other. An additional 5 years for all of my ICC and SBCCI certifications.** I am so glad when I see someone leave that crap org. I cannot tell you**. My 27 years against their 3. Bull****.

I have had enough of Nachi and I will do everything in my power to see to it they are not a part of Florida. Believe it or not, I am winning down here. **I have convinces out state that they are the reason we need regulation. **

I am on my way out of FABI as this is my last term. I do not care if I go down in flames. I will fight to protect the class act inspectors that cannot speak. I will fight to protect the real inspectors that care about their customers.

End Quote:

Yep! Makes me want to sign right up!

I WHY![size=2]…[/size]
[size=2].If that was to happen those not in NACHI would have no idea on what CMI stands for .[/size]
[size=2] CMI is for all experienced Home Inspectors who have earned the privledge to be a CMI .[/size]
[size=2] Roy Cooke[/size]


He’s got Hooper already on board…but so far, there are very few takers on the idea of a “peer review board” for Hoopy to “put together”.

If CMI became an education level, denoting training that was “above and beyond” what the average inspector had…there would be no need for political influence or even dues.

As for experience being considered, one need only present a resume to an education provider to receive education credits for life experiences…having them placed on a transcript, and be done with it. No need for audits, second guessing, association bias, or the rest of the crap that Hoopy represents.

A single CMI standard that all education providers had to meet would then put all providers on equal ground and would put them in a position where they would compete for our business. Competition in this area would be good for us, ensuring the best to offer would be coming our way.

It is natural for the current president, an education provider, to balk at this idea…but it seems to serve as an alternative that addresses most of the issues now facing the program.

Do not let this dog and pony show trick you into thinking you are seeing any “Inner Deliberations” Wendy.

Gotcha Brian. :slight_smile: :smiley:


What is wrong with the current CMI standard that are in place now.
If a strict review was done with the current standards, only a tiny
fraction of inspectors in the field could qualify as it is.

Would you like to add a minimum number of years?

What is the problem?

CMI’s current formula was designed so that only 5% of our industry would qualify. The top 5% of any profession would be considered masters. But I over estimated the number of jobs an inspector does per year by about 30% and overestimated the average life expectancy of a practicing inspector by about a year. This resulted in the current formula representing only 3% of our industry, not 5%.

Good point Nick.
Are you reading this Michael?

Is the goal to narrow the margin to less than 1%…?

Who is Michael going to sell his CMI CE’s to?
Nobody will be left to buy them.