President Of CMI - Thanks For Nothing

Mr Michael Rowan, the president of CMI, also owns Inspectors Mart.
He sent out an email sales ad that directed me to the following link.

On this page, on the left side, about a third of the way down is
an ad to become a Master Inspector. There is no mention of
becoming a CMI on the page.

Remember, Mr Rowan is the president of the Certified
Master Inspector board (CMI)… and yet he does not promote it.

As was pointed out on this forum many months ago, Mr Rowan
made know his desire to replace CMI with his own designation,
once Nick made him president. Many people said give
Mr Rowan a chance. So far, it appears he has proven his
true colors well, and does not promote CMI, but instead,
promotes his own agenda.

Also, the newly appointed executive director of CMI remains
silent and does nothing.

On a more humorous note… it states on the Master Inspector page,
that Realtors are now abandoning the clients to the wolves by
allowing them to pick their own inspectors… I kid you not!

Read it… LOL

** "Over the past two years, lawsuits against home inspectors because of
unsatisfied customers have reached record levels. According to insurance
carriers, almost 85% of these lawsuits were related to new, less experienced inspectors.

Professional realtors, as a result of this liability are now sending
their customers to look for their own inspectors through listings such
as that of the yellow pages, in essence leaving their clients to the WOLVES.
Without any guidance or recommendation."
What? Does the president of CMI want Realtor’s to pick the home inspector?
This is against the law in many states.

I vote that he be impeached, although I am heartened by his acknowledgement that real estate salespeople are increasingly turning away from the ASHI branding hype.

An intelligent real estate salesman will follow the example of the serious home inspector and acknowledge how the two professions are equally enhanced as the interaction between the two is minimized.

I vote that we need a new president and excutive director of CMI.

Oh God forbid, that clients should be allowed to find their own
inspectors through the yellow pages!!! What has the world come to…?

Perhaps you should email the Chairman of the CMI Board with a copy of your email. I’ll bet he will take notice.

Perhaps you should email the Chairman of the CMI Board with a copy of your email. I’ll bet he will take notice.

Here in Florida if one uses Mikes company it is like helping the competitor

Wonder where he is going to get a board of MI’s that meet his 1000 / 3000 rules??

Time to kill the program or just take it over

I here by open the nominations for President and board of Directors

Also need a new bylaws committee



Basically saying if you pick a CMI there would probably be something wrong with you…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I do not want to take you outside on this one but CMI was not started to make $$ for one person or a company direct or indirect but to “label” people that are good inspectors with a mixture of education and experience. Many are qualified but have not sent in the $'s because the CMI program gives nothing in return.

Another Master Inspector program with different standards run by the same person makes a big mess.

With $400 to buy same and nothing in return I see a program going down hill fast.

I question Mikes business knowledge.

---- To get around the CMI ownership issues — real simple

The following “CMI members are the elected board of directors etc.”


Rowan’s marketing ploy is obvious.

First, he tried to make CMI into his own image, and failed. He did the next best thing. He created a competing program and sells it, side by side, with one of less stringent standards to highlight what he feels is the strength of the one that puts money in his own pocket.

He is using the CMI program to sell his own. MI puts money in his pocket where CMI does not.

Yes I know that Richard, that is why Mike started his own gig, copying Nicks…Right?

Not for him, all the money goes in his pocket…right?

Well I would guess he is in it for the money, simply…!

He took Nicks idea, made different standards (higher) a logo, and Bingo…:smiley:

Heck, if you can sell a few logo’s a month whatever I guess. But if you read his website, his qualifications are higher standards than Nicks, which people should understand when choosing an inspector…:smiley:

And he is the CMI president?…:cool:



Is it reciprocating? Is Nick on the MBI Board of Directors? Maybe they both benefit? Maybe it’s actually a good thing and helps Nick? I’m sure Nick is smarter than what you all are implying.

“Certified Master Inspector” is a Federally Registered Certification Mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. A certification mark is much harder to acquire than a mere trademark. See link near the bottom of the homepage at

“Master Building Inspector” is neither and enjoys no protection.

Fix his a$$ and buy if from under him.:wink:

Master Inspector and/or Master Building Inspector cannot ever be granted a trademark, much less a certification mark. They are too similar to an existing protected certification mark that we all know and love :smiley: .

But do you agree that the qualifications being more stringent are what CMI should have and that Michael has basically undercut CMI by advertising MBI above CMI?

No, and no.

I call for his immediate dismissal and banishment for life for undermining the organization that he was entrusted with.

That’s a norm in Massachusetts. Realtors want nothing to do with referring home inspectors.

It doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m still busy…

***Chapter 112: Section 87YY1/2. First signing of purchase agreement; distribution of home inspection brochure; prohibition of specific recommendations; exception ***

***Section 87YY1/2. At the time of the signing of the first written contract to purchase, real estate brokers and salesmen, or the seller if no broker or salesperson is involved in the sale, shall distribute a brochure, published by the office of consumer affairs and business regulations, educating consumers about the home inspection process. Real estate brokers and salesmen shall not directly recommend a specific home inspection company or home inspector but may, upon request, provide a complete list of licensed home inspectors prepared by the board. This prohibition shall not apply if there is a written contractual agreement or a written agency disclosure between the buyer and the real estate broker specifying that the real estate broker is acting exclusively for the buyer as a buyer’s broker. ***

Alot of other people feel that he and it has however.