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New Inspector here. I am wondering what your strategies are to help get more people to leave reviews - it seems to me that if you are not proactive in at least asking for reviews, you are leaving it to chance and you risk not having enough positive reviews to crowd any negative ones.

As a further point of interest i made notes after reading many reviews of other home inspection companies and quantified/tallied up the following points: (which may be no real surprise)
1)The number comment in positive reviews is the inspector was very “detailed” or "thorough"
2)The 2nd category of most appreciated qualities in a home inspector were: “made useful suggestions and advice regarding maintenance” , “professional” and “Great personality, friendly, nice guy etc.” These qualities were virtually all split equally.
3)After this, the 3rd sector of qualities appreciated in an inspector were: “not too technical/easy to understand”, “answered questions well”, and “took the time” to answer questions.

Negative reviews were all (as you would expect) primarily about missing something but also a few about breaking things, or not putting something back.

I sent Guido and Tony, Nathan.

Seriously, around here, when I was active, word of mouth and googling was best.


I offer a discount to our client when they place an order if they promise to take a photo of our guys and post that photo to either our Google, Yelp, of Facebook business page. We sort of plant the seed about leaving a review without actually offering a discount for the review. The bad thing about doing it this way is if you get an angry client, that same seed you planted could get you a negative review. You have to be confident in your process and those that work for you. Our clients have left some wonderful comments that we are thankful to receive.

Many inspectors have had great luck with third party products like blip. I’m sure there are others as well. Our process makes us vulnerable, but it helps with the “why choose us” decision.


Later today or tonight, or whenever you get a chance, would you mind taking a few minutes to write a review for PG Home Inspections on Google?

The reason I ask is because when you do, it helps others learn about us through your experience.

Thanks for offering to write a review. I’m really looking forward to reading your comments.

This is what I send after every inspection.
I left out the link here.

You shouldn’t have to offer the client anything but good service


Thank you sir - that’s a great way of doing it!

Perfect. :+1: :+1:


There are various programs that automatically ask for reviews and “filter” them (for lack of a better term). 4 or 5 stars get posted and 3 or less stars get sent to you so you can reach out before it gets published. I’m surprised Google allows this but they do. This also explains how a company can have 5000 reviews and they are ALL 5-stars.

Blipp and Birdeye are two such companies that I know of.

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Yeah review management software & automation is a good idea for sure. I’ve been an Amazon seller and its completely different there - your seller account will be shut down if you are caught doing anything to incentivize positive reviews or divert negative reviews.

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Try to answer most reviews with a simple thanks for the feedback, enjoyed helping you, good luck, etc. If you get negative comments, never argue or try to explain it, just apologize for not meeting their needs or that you couldn’t do something for them, and that you’ve changed something to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Try to take that negative and make it a positive. Good luck.

I use HomeGauge and HomeGauge Services. There is an automated notification (if you set it up) that sends out a request 48 hrs. after the report goes out to the client. on average I get a review now about once per week from my customers. I pride myself in not asking friends and family to wright fake reviews. All mine are legitimate…Now I do have 1 bad review…from a seller. You would be surprised how many customers mention this and hire me because of that one bad review (from a seller). It is a badge of honor.