Online Signed Agreement Before Inspection

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I’m still very new at being a Home Inspector. My question is: How do I have my customer to sign a “Residential Inspection Agreement” online before my appointment?

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Follow the link and set up a contract. This is emailed to the client and once it is signed you automatically get the singed copy back.

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Charles, have them print it, sign it and scan it back to you or fax it back to you or use a auto u sign it program that captures their IP address giving proof that they signed it after they check it. Or, better yet, use this:

It will be on your file forever.
Denotes date & time signed AND the buyer’s IP address which can
prove it is for real.

I send my own email a few minutes after the agreement system.
A few times they say never got a link but I’m suspicious they just don’t wanna sign it. :wink:

**You’ll be receiving email from the International Assoc of Certified Home Inspectors.
There will be a secure link that will take you to the required inspection agreement for you to sign.
It must be signed for me to proceed, please let me know if you have any questions.

In case you did not receive the email link to sign your inspection agreement, here it is:

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Some Home Inspection Report software will send automatically your pre-inspection agreement to your client and you will be notified if signed.
The newest ”Spectora ” looks pretty good to me.

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