Ontario grandfathering reminder: Include this form with your CMI application.


We can’t process your application without it.


Does this apply to existing CMIs?

I do not think so it is just to remind those who could be a CMI that CMIs where excepted for an instant licence in Alberta and I expect could also be the same in Ontario…

No, just new applicants trying to get their CMI designation before licensing is adopted in Ontario.

I sure hope you are pushing this then Nick. If a buch of guys pay $1000 thinking they can be grandfathered only to find out no one has pitched the idea to the province, you might have some angry inspectors on your hands!

Just an FYI :slight_smile:

Yeah the thread title is a bit misleading–seeing as how the ministry has already launched a website promoting RHI’s with no mention of CMI’s (RHI portion since been removed). I like the master inspector credential idea but paying $1,000 for it when it may not have anything to do with licensing is a stretch.

The answer to that is yes he has pushed hard. I started this out over 3 years ago and know Nick is working a large percentage of the time on CMI alone.
I can assure you Stuart that not all is as it seems at this point with the MCS.
They are continuing to learn and have not shown themselves to be proud. Understanding this will help you see that as Timothy Smith has pointed out, not only is InterNachi at the table but the mentoring for the license will most likely go to CMI’s and grandfathering will need to be done to provide help in making this work.
Since Nick has made it even easier to be a CMI by providing the payments each month, all a Home Inspector has to do is qualify.
At this point I will continue to talk with the “Watch Dog” who is correcting the long time thinking in Ontario.

Why would I need to get everything in before licensing? would my qualifications be less valid after licensing comes in? Is there a change in CMI qualifications pre- and post licensing? Is the CMI fee going up after licensing to take advantage of increased demand?

My thinking is if I qualify for it (and I do) then I qualify for it regardless of what external factors are at play–the rest sounds like fear mongering or at the very least “buy now, quantities are limited!!!” type of sales gimmick

Kevin: who the hell is this watch dog person you are always name dropping?? are you neighbour’s with kathleen wynne’s sister-in-law or something?

I guess he is one of kevin’s imaginable high profile friends.:mrgreen:

Big National secret!

David Brezer MCS - Director is the watchdog.

Yes he is the “Watch Dog” Bryce, he has now admitted it on the open media. Before this I could not inform who it was I had contact with.
Nick of course is the other Contact.
David Brezer is the right man for the job I assure you.

he has now admitted it on the open media.


I knew two weeks ago!

Yes many did Jeffrey! But some did not.

It is likely that Ontario will follow suit with the province of Alberta. Enclosed is the Alberta site that provides details and credentials recognized by them. Hopefully this will answer your questions.

Greg Rheaume, CMI
National Certificate Holder

Greg, there is no sign of this - either positive or negative - as such! I’m on the CSA “Committee” (that sits on the Ministry Committee etc.) and there is no indication that ANY one credential will be grandfathered. Ditto for Québec.


Gilles there are 5 that were accepted without question in Alberta NHI, RHI, CMI, CAPHI. I can’t say if Quebec would be part of the Licensing at this point.
As for Grandfathering. I think there would be some serious consequences if they did not.

CMIs will be grandfathered in Ontario, just like they were in Alberta.

Question is still out there Nick. Would we have been at the table at all without individuals pushing hard? I am keeping up with my vigilance to stomp out any media that might draw undue attention to certain Associations.
3 are on my radar!!!

Here is a current example that was squashed quickly.
Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) Begins Its 27th Year:

Elects New Leadership and Prepares for Regulation of Home Inspectors


PRLog (Press Release) - **Apr. 26, 2013 - MISSISSAUGA, Canada – **MISSISSAUGA, ON, April ,2013 The members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), at the 2013 Annual General Meeting, have appointed a Board of Directors from a broad spectrum of different Ontario regions and markets, continuing a model contemplated in Association bylaws, and becoming a more evident trend over the last couple of years.

New and returning directors and officers of the Association are:

President Pam Sayne, RHI, Haliburton Highlands
Vice President Donald Beneteau, RHI, Windsor
Treasurer Murray Parish, RHI, Aurora
Secretary Robert Simpson, RHI, Embrun
Director Jaswinder Sidhu, RHI, Brampton
Director David Cook, RHI, Stayner

Pam Sayne remains the first female President of the Association, and Vice-President Don Beneteau returns. Murray Parish and Robert Simpson join the board and assume officer roles. Directors Sidhu and Cook also return.

“This Board has been chosen at a mission-critical time and, with the help of seasoned member volunteers, assumes a major challenge to make the organization sustainable and even more relevant”, President Sayne commented proudly, reflecting the views of members during the Annual General Meeting. Association members charged the new Board to prepare the organization and its members for a** new era of government regulation **and the more in-depth scrutiny of the home inspection industry in general.

This scrutiny is welcome, as is the review by the Ontario Government of possible mandatory qualifications and licensing, following trends begun in British Columbia, Alberta and, to a degree, in Quebec. A particularly essential aspect of this leadership mandate is to revisit the appropriateness of various new business model options for the organization, and how these could succeed in a regulated environment. This includes a review of the corporate vision, new and existing revenues sources, new and existing service categories, and new and existing members, clients and partners.

OAHI continues to enhance protection for consumers by supporting the activities of the Ministries of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Consumer Services, Labour, and Training, Colleges and Universities so as to enhance the knowledge of its members in professional practice, quality, building science, and risk management; and to establish its role more clearly as a key defender of the residential building stock during its life-cycle.

About the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors:

The OAHI was formed in 1987. In 1994, the OAHI became a self-regulating professional body when the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act received royal assent, granting the OAHI the exclusive right to define qualification requirements,** regulate its members** and **grant **the designation “Registered Home Inspector” and “RHI” to qualified practitioners in the Province of Ontario, under control of title powers. The OAHI is dedicated to providing consumer protection by enhancing the technical skills and professional practice of home inspectors, and maintaining high professional standards through education and discipline.

Kevin, why is it necessary to dig up an old and outdated info? You really have nothing better to do. Who cares what was a press release back in April? Things have changed dramatically since then.