I had a long meeting with Alberta government on Friday regarding our course approval.

I’m pleased to report that our courses should be formally approved within 2-3 weeks. You will have to take a proctored exam which we will offer upon receiving formal approval.

Congratulations. Might I suggest that only a CMI be eligible to provide the services of proctoring such exams?

Yes. CMIs will be providing the proctoring. I think we just saved our Alberta members $6,000.00 each.

Congrats to you … and to them.

I need more information on the course if you could propvide it. I am on the verge of taking the cd course as I want to get this crap over and done with. I was typing in my name on the application when I saw this post come up. Any information would be appreciated.

They only created a formal application this week and we are submitting it on Monday. As soon as I find out more, I’ll post.

Nick! It is people like you that we need in “Ontario” so we can get it straight with the licensing here. I am not good when it comes to listening to crap all day and I don’t tolerate too much. I am waiting for someone to help in this area and will be with them every step of the way. If I can be of assistance let me know.:smiley:
You still the man and I am proud to be with you.

Might I suggest that only an independent organization be eligible to provide the services of proctoring such exams!
What is a Proctored Exam?

A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.


Brian, how are CMIs anything but impartial? CMIs aren’t blood related to the exam takers.

If you are arguing that the CMI can’t be impartial because he/she once earned one of his/her professional designation from an organization that has as one of its board members the founder of a different trade association that the exam taker is a member of… I’m going to giggle.

Having been a member of four Canadian Associations and seen how they operate .
Now a member of NACHI ,There is no comparison .
We have a none association member who feels he know more and feels he has the answer to every thing .
I have read his Bull poo for so long I finally Blocked him ( a real good move ).
I am impressed with the CMI system and see nothing else even coming close .
We have many who are jealous and they do not show where improvements can be made .

The only thing a CMI needs to do is make sure they don’t bring any info with them to the proctored sight library or school exam. If you can’t trust them maybe you should ask for someone from OAHI that have no contact with Alberta or InterNachi.:D:D:D lol

Proctored exams are no big deal, A bunch of members take the exam, either online or paper, and a guy sits there and makes sure no one cheats, all you need is protocol, doesnt matter who watches the exam being taken. its not rocket science. INACHI has organized these exams in the past I am sure. For myself, in Alberta,in the past have taken proctored exams at the library, the Procter has usually had nothing to do with the course taken, people actually do this for a living.

The more I see what’s happening, the more I believe the testing and certification should be taken out of the hands of the associations…period. Too many differences and levels of competence… all claiming to produce a well trained HI!! Upon deeper examination, the fallacy becomes evident.

For example, I was using a $4 device the other day during an inspection and the experienced realtor (who had never met me before) stopped me and asked me what I was doing…he was quite taken aback when I explained what I was doing and what the device would tell me! He said why don’t all the other HI’s do that???

HI should be a trade school/community college level course. There’s a lot I can say against Mike Holmes but taking this field of training into a better venue than has been used to date is something I can agree with.

Send a PM to Nick with this last line in it. He doesn’t seem to get it!!

Correct, I don’t get it. The two reasons to prohibit CMIs from doing the proctoring that were proffered so far are:

  1. The CMI is not impartial. I’ve dispelled this myth already.
  2. The CMI is not competent to proctor and that there must be some special skill required because “people actually do this for a living.”

Pointing to the fact that people do something for a living doesn’t necessarily mean they have some special skill. There are a whole host of jobs one could do right now that require no training. Proctoring is certainly one of them.

InterNACHI has been providing proctoring using nothing other than chapter officers for many years without incident. For example: We proctor every ce course exam in the state of Illinois… that’s right, we proctor an exam for EVERY course taken by every member. That is a whole lot of proctoring!.. but we do it.

Maybe Brian is thinking about proctologist. LOL:D

Good one Kevin suits him perfectly .

proc·tol·o·gy (pr




n. The branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the colon, rectum, and anus /.

I think Brian is the most envious person I have seen on the BB .
He continually show how Jealous he is of NACHI and its members .
He attacks constantly ,He is just a poor looser

My point was not to be negative towards CMI or RHI for sitting for a proctor exam, just the opposite, seeing that people who do proctor exams don`t make much doing it, it would be a waste of CMI time,
they just give instructions and show you where to sit,no special skills , why would a CMI be needed for that, but I also mentioned that INACHI has done this many times in the past, and are structured in doing theses Procter exams .
How INACHI does it is up to there structure , just glad things are moving along.

Would there be any way to have the exam proctured at a community college or somthing like that. alot of people like myself have wasted alot of time and money driving 5-6 hours to get to these things.

In Ontario I know the Libary have rooms you can rent for $15;00 and if you got a few Homies that would be great .