OntarioAchi AGM

The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors is over 1 year old. The AGM date has been set for 15th April, 2013.

All inspectors that wish to attend and vote at this AGM must ensure they have paid their membership to the Association prior to the week before.

Full members will be receiving nomination forms over the next week or two asking for peoples names who are prepared to be Board Members.

There are three open positions on the board this year. Board members must be practicing their profession in Ontario.

You can join here

Looks like we are going to shoot for Barrie Ontario. We will keep you all posted as to the time.
We also will need a list of who can attend soon to arrange the size of Board Room we will need.

To find out more details on the OntarioAchi AGM you should check our site regularly. At this time we are arranging for a more wide based audience.

I know many of you are under anxiety as to the exact location of the AGM but allot of thought and planning is being done to make sure we get the best location. So far that seems to be Barrie, Ontario. If you feel there is a better location you must speak up soon as so far this is ready to be booked.
We also are trying to arrange for those out of the Greater Toronto Area to be able to log into a Webex or Video feed to the conference.

Booked and we have all the details at OntarioAchi.ca. Thanks goes to Peter Schuhmann for finding us a perfect place and the group that met on oovoo to pick the best area. We will see you in 11 days.

Update is the Board of directors met last night to go over the plans for the OntarioAchi AGM. More details will come out as they unfold. We have even secured the best pricing for those that need to stay over night.
All this will be posted at Ontarioachi.ca
See you in 6 Days.
Here is the direct link provided also in the private members area.

Great glad for all Ontario Homies .
I hope many attend and see what the future could be with a new Group who have some good ideas .
Our Industry has not had proper leadership and support it deserves .

This is an important chance for all Homies to help each other .

Thanks … Roy

I booked and received confirmation a few days ago. Look forward to the meeting and seeing to OntarioACHI group again.

Yes Len and myself will be there early.
We will be asking for more volunteers so thanks Tim for volunteering.:smiley:

By the way there most likely will be a fair group that will book rooms so if you are stuck for that night talk to us and we will get you set up to sleep before heading back on the highway. We also have secured great rates under the CODE of OHI. Thanks goes to Peter Schuhmann for arranging this part of the AGM.

10 9 8 7 6 5 _ _ _ _ Are you ready!!! Don’t miss the real Takeoff of Ontario Home Inspectors.

One more day to plan so don’t miss the take off if you can.

AGM is over and I would like to openly thank Len, Scott, Peter, Jim and Victor for making the event trouble free. We have more volunteers and one theme rang true through the room. We all want OntarioAchi inspectors to be the Association that will not be a trade but a Professional Association accountable to the public and government.
Open and Transparent at all times.
We want to thank Nick also again for announcing us in the beginning and helping us make the right choices as to how to proceed and make this a success.
We have a long ways to go and actually a short time to get where we need to be so we are still looking for many for volunteers.
Fill out your profile that you joined us as signed in members and open your wallet to come join as full members, help us by fulfilling your obligation to get Home Inspectors recognized as a Professional Group of Ontario Inspectors with full Government approval.

What were the election results?

It will make a difference to me as to whether I join or not.


I would like to announce that Timothy has been added to the Certified Master Inspector List and has also provided his services to help with OntarioAchi. Further details will be provided soon.
BTW that makes 46 in Ontario and 6 helping with the OntarioAchi VOICE.