Op/ed piece by NACHI member on North Carolina home inspector licensing.


I admire his opinion, belief and willingness to stand up for the industry. Hope to hear more about this as time goes by. Interesting read!

You will!

George Gioiella

Thank you George!

Nice work George

Fiduciary reponsibility means that you must represent the best interests of your client, under penalty of law.

If the house is old and does not meet current, nationally accepted safety standards and you do not notify your clients, you breach this legal responsibility. As to “major defects” (i.e., things that are not safety related, but will cost a big amount of money to fix) I also call those out.

I also take the time to EXPLAIN the difference.

Realtors, in my experience, do not always recognize the difference.

Explain it to them.

Hope this helps;

Way to go, George.

But this is so confusing - licensing is supposed to be good for us isn’t it???

Surely this will help make reports more readable for buyers cause they’ll understand something is really broke, and not just some dumb old home inspectors personal opinion that a 80 year old house stair should have a firewall in the garage to house area, handrails or a smole detector.

Gosh those were not required by code back then, so surely this must be a good thing. Inquiring minds want to know.