I just attended an CEU recertification held by the Ohio Pest Control Association.

The CEU requirements are minimal in the State of Ohio. Only 5 needed in a 3 year span.

I never could figure out why I need to know about application??

The event was very good and was only 5 miles from my house. No lodging and travel fees. Course was $120.

Other States were able to attend to obtain there CEU. Michigan, WV, PA and Kentucky were at the event.

The topics were:

Green Pesticides. Everything is going green.

Termite Biology and Management.

Filth fly Biology and management.
Clean up the dog poop. Drain files can cause a huge problem. Floies carry more diseases then you would want to know.

Moles Chipmunks and Bats.


Newer product. Be careful around pets.

The only portion that is boring is the Core requirements.Read the labels.

Just thought I would pass along.

Good information and well presented.