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I need information regarding requirements for performing wood destroying insect/organism inspections along with home inspections in pennsylvania. Is there a test? Is there a certification process. Please respond - Thank you in advance
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Termite Inspection is a licensed Business activity in PA

You need to Order the Core and category 12 packets

Exams are available at various locations throughout the State on a Weekly to Monthly basis.

You will need to obtain an Applicator License as well as a Business License.

General Liability Insurance has to include coverage for application of chemical.

Businesses must meet the requirements for comprehensive general liability insurance coverage for pesticide applications. A minimum of $200,000 coverage is required. This must include $100,000 coverage for bodily injury and $100,000 coverage for property damage per occurrence. Coverage must include a statement that pesticide applications are included, or endorsement #CG26160194 or #CG26160798.

I wish PA Would make it more clear, the PSU websites make is seem strictly to applicators but it makes sense that regular inspectors would also need it

Technically, WDO “TREATMENT” is licensed in PA. WDO “INSPECTION-ONLY” is not licensed. But you’ll find that you still need the license for your WDO reports to be accepted by many lenders. The state doesn’t require it, but the agents and lenders do.

Joe H., correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah I really don’t know, I keep getting conflicting reports on the matter. A Pest Management Consultant seems to be the closest thing to a WDO inspector but that act was passed back in 1973 but would run parallel to the requirements JH is saying. I’m getting license just in case basically but until then i’m just telling my clients that i’ll do the inspection quick and that they only pay me after the NPMA-33 has been accepted by whichever lender if it isn’t then you can call an exterminator. That way if it isn’t I only wasted an hour or two of my time and I don’t have to worry about refunds or paying someone else to do it. It does seem the FHA is cracking down but so far so good I suppose.

PA has not issued a Rest Management Consultant license since the inception of the Act. I have spoke with Dave Scott at the Department of Ag about this last year and so have several other people. Nick is correct about not needing to be licensed to do inspections. Anyone can do an inspection, it’s just the matter if it will be accepted or not by the client or lender. FHA sent out a memo a couple of years ago stating that all pest inspections have to be done by a licensed applicator in states that have such licensure. PAR had a memo that went out a couple of years ago stating the same thing. I had them saved at one point, but have since deleted them.

The test for Catagory 12 is not all that hard. Core test is a closed book test and easy to pass if you read the chapters they tell you that you area supposed to read. Catagory 12 test is an open book test, but is a little harder. Make sure you read and know where to find information in the product literature sheets they give you in the study pack. You will also likely need to sign an affidavit with your insurance carrier saying that you will not be applying chemicals.

The process for getting licensed is not as hard as everyone thinks. Follow the instructions that are outlined in the study guide and then contact your insurance carrier. Once you pass the test and get insurance coverage, send in your application for license to the Dept of Ag.

That clears it up thank you for sort of putting all the conflicting stories into an understandable (realistic) one. Thanks again!

I could not find any Pennsylvania regulations requiring licensing to perform Wood Destroying Pest Infestation inspections. HOWEVER; the standard Real Estate Agreement used almost exclusively in real estate contracts does state in the Termite section that if a Termite inspection is needed, that a Pennsylvania Certified Pest Control Operator must perform the inspection. I completed the education requirements and took the test so I am now licensed as a Certified Pest Control Operator; however, I do not apply pesticides. But I will never again hear from a Terminex, or Ehrlich person that "the home inspector does not know anything. I am now as qualified as they are to perform inspections.