Open area at sub floor

Any ideas what this vent/opening is for?? I hope it is not for the 2nd floor dryer.

This is the sub floor in the basement and it is next to the heating system

The home is occupied and the dryer is in use, no lint around the opening.

House was built 2002. Colonial, basement.

164310 038 (Small).jpg

Could it be the location of a previous dryer vent? Maybe there was a dryer in that location in the past, and they moved it to the second floor… Just speculating…

Could it be a bathroon exhuast vent?? Or combustion air?

could it be there to provide combustion air for heating system?

It better not be for a dryer, with that corrugated foil material.

Just say you don’t know the purpose for it and that it should be traced and determined to be an appropriate material for its intended use.

The unfinished area of the basement was pretty wide open and I doubt the opening was for combustion air. The dryer was running above and I did not see any lint. (It still could of been the upstairs dryer)

I did document in away as Joe stated.


Possible venting for a future grow op.

FYI. One of the things I do in all my inspections is attempt to determine the discharge point for the dryer. If it vents vertically, I let them know that and advise them to check its function routinely. If I can’t determine the discharge for the dryer, I say that and say it should be traced. I state whether it vents into the crawl and out the wall, directly out the wall, vertically and out a wall, etc. I state the type of material for the duct, if visible, or otherwise state it wasn’t visible.

When I 1st started out, I had a call back about a dryer duct that had come loose in a wall and had caused a mold issue. Of course it wasn’t my fault because it wasn’t visible. But since then, I just try to let the client know how the dryer vents.