Open Carry Law Petition in Texas

Oh, yeah.

That is what we need. A lot of gun toating HIs, just getting out of crawlspaces from hell!

I have one and I (sometimes) carry it, but I would never adverise it.

This is Texas. They’re already carrying, it’s just a matter of how.

John, just move out West. :wink:

Great site, spent the last half hour learning Michigan’s constitution. I didn’t even know I live in an open carry state, no one open carries around here. In the past, I have considered a CCW permit, but didn’t justify the need.

It is a great deterrent, I used to wear mine when on my route, and most people thought I was a cop. One lady said she loved it when I showed up because the local punks would clear out when they saw me coming. If you don’t want to carry a gun, a patrol mans belt works great too.

A lot of states have open carry laws and people don’t know it.

It is amazing how many law breakers give it a second thought when they see someone who carries.

Do you think this is better than CCW?

Do you think if open-carry becomes the norm it will revoke CCW laws?

Personally I like CCW, although if open-carry were to become the law in Florida I would at least carry a 9MM or .45ACP instead of the .380ACP]( which is my current carry piece. Light clothing here impedes the easy carry of larger handguns.

That is one of the reasons so many want the open carry option here in Texas, because light clothing causes people to have to stuff a gun under their clothing and hope it is not seen. Many times this is a hassle.

Will it revoke the CCW laws? I doubt it will, in Texas, IMHO.

I carry a small .45 (Taurus .PT745 - 7 shot) with only a 3" barrel.

I got a red for posting a thread on “open carry laws”.

It makes me feel good… Hooyaah!

Wasn’t me I just hit you with green but maybe this is better discussed in the NFE Section, just a thought.