Open floor plan...smoke detectors required in living room?

I’m guessing detectors are needed in every room except kitchen…like this vaulted ceiling next to the kitchen…but wasnt certain.

I’ll include more pics to give idea of proximity…

is this room too close to the kitchen? Or should I write it up and have the buyer ask the builder to install before the sale?


There a few exceptions, such as connects directly to a bedroom without a hallway in between.
Nachi recommends them in living rooms with fireplaces.

But living rooms, in general, aren’t required to have detectors.

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Your guess is wrong.

Wrong…don’t guess on inspections.



there will be a vented gas log installed in the fireplace…which is in the living room…

but sounds like the builder didnt have to put one there.

I agree with the other posters they are not required in the living room unless the living room were immediately outside of the bedroom(s). Also for accuracy what you typically see in a home is a smoke alarm not a smoke detector. Smoke detectors are initiation devices that are connected to a fire alarm system. Smoke alarms are independent devices that can be inter-connected. Those two terms (alarm and detector) are different things and are not interchangeable.


I did not know that

thank you!

It’s just a suggestion, certainly if you inspect a dwelling and call them smoke detectors everyone will know what you mean. :slightly_smiling_face: