Open House Package

THANK YOU Nick & Kim !!! Received my handouts - AWESOME !!!

Now I’m off to start working on getting things all put together.

Nick goes above and beyond for his members !! InterNACHI is NUMBER ONE !!

InterNACHI - Inspecting the World One Home at a Time…

Thanks again - Ken >


   Can you tell me more about the Open House Package, please?


This should cover what I think you are asking. Good luck!

Actually got some of the ideas from Frank and this post

Thanks Ken. I just read the 4 pages from Frank’s post. I wish you well with your business. A lot of great marketing ideas here.

I am going to start making mine in a week or so. Going to hit some real estate offices hard next month.

Thanks Mike!! There are not a lot of open houses in this area for some reason. Guess the Realtors don’t like working on Sunday’s. They have them from 2-4 on Sunday - none on Saturdays…

I got another call from my open house kit. It’s a good way to meet people. I’m also going to start leaving “Now that you’ve had a home inspection” books with agents to give away at their open houses. I have a business card sticker that I put on each book. Very hard to remove. :wink: Let them do your marketing.

Been working on my packages today.