Open Neutral & Open Hot

Today was the first time my “Sure-Test” ever gave me these readings. Can someone please explain to me what they mean and give advice on how to report these findings. Also the Open Hot Sparked when I un-plugged the garbage disposal to test outlet. Thanks


Open hot at the disposal receptacle would make perfect sense if the switch was off.

Basically open hot means the hot is not connected open neutral means the neutral is not connected. If there has been new receptacels installed recently the wires may have broke when they were stuffed back into the box. Pulling the outlet that tested bad you may find the problem or if the receptacles are wired in series it may be the one feeding it. There are other possibilities but those are the most common ones I’ve seen when doing repairs.

What kind of SureTest were you using that gave you these indications? An “open-hot” and an “open-neutral” will give the same reading on the 61-165 - nothing, or no reading on the display.

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How about if they wired they neutral to the switch , instead of the hot.

Ana to report 'em I would give a location and picture, State receptacel has a open hot. Recommend a qualifed electrician make repairs. Shock and fire hazard.

That’s easy to fix, just turn the switch on. :smiley:

When ever I have those type reading on an inspection I try to give the buyer 1 possibility of what might be the cause and write 'er up.

The upper socket at the disposal inspected correct wiring the lower socket sparked and tested open hot.

Not if it sparked and the other socket tested correct wiring.

Do Not Switch Neutrals see NEC 404.2 Switch Connections

Certainly you’re not trying to say that there are no other reasons why this would occur? :o