Opinion on ceiling frame design/support

Looking for opinions on this structural design that I have run across several times lately in new construction. This and several other ceiling joists span a room at least 20 ft. In my opinion I don’t like trusting nails for support, should it be bolted or are the angled supports nailed in enough. I know the builders are cutting corners anywhere they can and I just feel that its inadequate.

Cutting corners on an approved design plan is bad. However, you likely do not have access to these plans and plan review is outside your scope. You can refer to code for some direction or you can rely on your experience and give an opinion. If something appears to be unconventional, you can say so. You can direct your client and builder to a design review (looking for bolt requirements). IMO, it is ok say things like “unconventional construction” and “you are not inspecting to code” and “In my opinion, bolts should be placed here”.

If you are asking if bolts should be in this location, that will be your call. Dig in.