Opinions appreciated

Upcoming inspection I was able to grab this pic from the listing. Complete rebuild from bottom up …permits…looking into it but I doubt it.
Opinions on the workmanship here would be appreciated. House is early1900’s Lots of new beams, posts and sistered joists.


There are no Opinions required until after you inspect it.
What Opinion are you looking for?


If I was going to this inspection or one of my guys was doing this inspection I would be concerned with not being able to see if footings were installed under all of the new columns. I would remark about not being able to verify those.

I also have seen many issues with adjustable lalley columns. My issues with the heads. I find the steel plate to be two narrow for what they are designed to support, the beam, and there eventually becomes crushing. I would also be concerned with the various baring points. Are the repairs being properly supported or are there areas which look to be inferior.

Again, without being there I cannot be certain.

Sometimes the obvious is staring us right in the face and we don’t see it. Just looking for a heads up if someone noticed something from the pic. I have told the buyer to look into permits…he is taking my advice. The inspection is a week away.

Guacamole is better than bean dip… :wink:

Yeah… I can see 11 support posts, but there would actually be 14+ posts based on visible beams with unseen posts!

Can you say… RED FLAG???

…and, why would they put a 2 x 8 on the flat under an old beam? I can’t think of a good reason for that except covering the bottom of those areas of the old beam.

There are too many deficiencies visible in that pic to list here. Looks like you are gonna earn your money on that one.

Because dry rot is ugly. Looks nice, eh?

If that worries you Larry, why pray tell would you put them on the sides of those beams.

I would be using my moisture meter (Screwdriver) and probing those areas.

Thanks guys my suspicions are in the main beam as well (looks as though they are trying to conceal) and as JJ pointed out there seems to be some inconsistency in the placement of the support posts.
The REA has found out that there was not a permit issued for any structural changes, the municipality said there is not a requirement when just reinforcing the existing structure and not making any changes…sound a bit odd to me, not to oversee that the supports/footings meet standard requirements.
I will post more when I perform the inspection…this is interesting! FYI this inspection is in a very small village in rural Ontario.

Newly painted floor would set my spidey senses tingling.

I see a lot of random supports. My thought is they are there more for leveling a floor than to structurally do anything. Which would concern me. If this home has had as much done as you say, an engineer would have layed it out better and leveling the floor that way would not have been necessary. Also I see 2 or 3 lally columns that I bet are just resting on a painted slab with no idea of how much weight is on them, how thick the slab is, or where the footer is if there even is one. That place screams for an engineer to look at it.