Opinions of Florida Peninsula Insurance Co

My neighbors and I are on our third “Takeout Offer” from Citizens to change carriers. This time it is Florida Peninsula. I am looking for any comments from anybody that has dealt with them, either on insurance inspection conflicts, or policyholder complaints…or good reviews for that matter. Thanks.

Never heard of 'em. Check with an independent agent in your area maybe?

They’ve been around since 2006, based out of Boca Raton, have solely grown by cherry picking policies out of Citizens. It’s a coins-flip with any companies outside Citizens as to their financial stability to not fold during a major hurricane. I’ve been with a takeout company since 2007 on my 2006 built house, paying $700 a year vs triple that with Citizens.

I find it disappointing that someone who cold have a perceived value on this topic per your titles, could offer such poor advice. FL Peninsula has NO FINANCIAL RATING with AM Best. You do not even know if they are able to pay their claims or their history of doing so. You should not be discussing the pricing until you know if the Emperor is wearing clothes.

And you must be a direct competitor of FL Peninsula?


I just got my you need a roof condition type report or you policy is canceled around 4/2015.
If I can talk the wife into it I am going to tell those pieces of walking s h i t to pound sand as my home is paid for.

There is no greater scum than Citizens property insurance company :frowning:

You must have one of those roofs that has less than 3 yrs RUL. You’re a GC…replace it.

Yep that is the issue.

My roof is not leaking.

I am tired of giving citizens the biggest piece of s h i t insurance company my money.

They F u c k the citizens of Florida daily and no one does anything about it. The OIR should be ashamed and disbanded and rebuilt at once.

Are you one of those that waits until his roof is actually leaking? This usually happens during rainy season and prices reflect absolutely no discounts. I run into this every day it seems like.

Nope but I sure as Hell do not need some scum bag insurance company that rapes the citizens of our State daily telling me when to do it.

But then again Citizen’s does NOT pay me. I would not stoop that low unless it was to rebuild the company to take care of our citizens instead of screwing them right up the rear.

Would you clear this up for me please!

I wanted to keep it almost PG.

Citizens "the insurance company"screws their clients daily in many ways based on the many folks I talk to daily and my own personal experience.

Why do you care as a HI? Huh?

I hate seeing people getting f-cked if they are not enjoying it.

Even though I make money because of it.

Although I miss nothing more than the MONEY i used to make I still cannot stand scum.

I still would come to the rescue of a lady and still hold open doors for them and help out old folks in stores.

There are so many things I could say…but…since I am off for a run in the brisk air…I need a clear head.

Why do you give them your money? I guess you do enjoy it!!! :mrgreen:

Have them stick with Citizens. When we were switched, our premium went down the first year. This year, it went up by 400 bucks. I suspect an increase is coming next year as well…

Citizens by law can only increase your premiums by 10%. The takeouts have no such limitations.

And what poor advice did I offer sage Ins Guy? I stated how long they were in business and how they grew and that going with any takeout company where you do not know their financial stability is a risk. Set me straight.

Don’t go away INS Guy… we just might need an Ins guy to answer our questions, as you can see from the numerous post on the subject.