Orange Plastic Tubes in Attic

Good Morning,

I found these orange plastic tubes running through an attic yesterday. I can’t see exactly where they terminate due to insulation and lack of access. Two of them appear to be heading towards the front corners of the garage.

They are about the size of aquarium hose but are a harder plastic. There are no markings on the hoses. I thought it might be part of a pest control system but I found no access plates for that.

Any ideas?


Looks like KITEC radiant heat tubing - but I could be wrong.

Hi Greg,

No radiant heat in this house - conventional forced air.

Also - these tubes are only about 1/4" diameter.

But thanks for playing!


Were there fire sprinklers in the house? (usually orange pipes for fire system.)

Due to the size of the tubing perhaps this ¼” tubing is used for water supply to ice maker or evaporative cooler.

Here in Florida, some of the cable company’s are now starting to put the TV’s cable in the tubes to prevent rats and other vermin from crewing through them. That’s what they look like to me but I’ve been wrong before.

I missed that part…

Nope no fire sprinklers. No evaporative cooler. And the water supply for the ice maker runs from under the kitchen sink to behind the fridge. I could find nothing that looked like anything that these would be connected to. The only thing I saw is that one tube appeared to be heading towards each front corner of the garage. (1 tube to each corner) I thought they might be some funky new air operated light switch connected to the exterior garage lights but there are just regular wired lights installed.

I’ve seen that color plastic pipe used for Pest control in the past, but not seeing an injection port is odd.

Hi Dale - I’m beginning to wonder if they didn’t stucco over the injection port.(s)

That wouldn’t surprise me, I’d bet my life their Pest tubes.

I think that’s the most logical explanation. Thanks Dale – And thanks for everyone’s input!