Orange spray foam fire barrier

I know the Orange spray foam, or red depending on how you want to look at it, is “fire barrier” however do you think it suffices in place of sheetmud mud in in the garage for use as a firewall.

I’m highly torn on this.

It varies with AHJ, but typically what you show in your photo is the accepted method, if for no other reason than this sealant is flexible, whereas ‘mud’ is not!


It may help to understand the reasoning for it. Its not a “fire barrier”, ie, not fireproof.
The main purpose is to stop air flow. This prevents air supply which would either feed the fire, or give an open airway for flames to move freely.
Draft stopping can be done with foam or batt insulation in most cases. I believe most AHJ’s dont even care if it is the red foam, or any other expanding foam, because they all stop air flow.


Looks well done actually.

It’s important it be the orange foam, because the non-barrier foam is super easy to ignite, not at all like a fire barrier and more like a solid form of gasoline.

The barrier foam should be primed and painted however, as the foam tends to get ratty and damaged over time if left exposed.

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The orange firestop foam products and red caulking are designed to act as barriers to the spread of fire and smoke. In my area the AHJs don’t wants them painted bc then you can’t tell if it’s the appropriate type. Like Jeff said it’s flexible and won’t crack out like mud.


Ditto dat!!