Original 1957 Oven

It works and look how clean it is.

DSCF2068 (Small).JPG

DSCF2067 (Small).JPG

Pretty neat, Steve! Did you know that clock radios of that era, like RCA, Philco and such, use the same clockworks? The little knobs are collector’s items, as the shafts tend to snap off. Too bad about the fridge, wow, green with a pink lining, could start a trend. I’m sure it’s repairable but will the owners want to? :cool:

I love old original appliances like this. I especially am fond of the cast iron cookstoves, but love the '50’s models as well. I’m totally into the old refrigerators also.


That’s because the occupants of the house are very good at making reservations:shock:


I came across this last year,check out the manufacturer.

Like Mario stated…These homeowners definitely eat out a lot.