They don't make em like they used to

Todays inspection, the buyer was wondering how it was possible that the original (1956) furnace was still in the house.

Furnace was working great, no CO, note the heat exchanger! Looks like you could use that for an atomic reactor.
Note the input output rating plate, apparently that furnace is about 84% efficient according to the rating plate (!!!) I realize that ain’t AFUE, but still.

In many ways it more resembles the old gravity furnace especially the solid construction of it, but it is forced air, quite low velocity but forced air.

If it was mine I would keep it, probably for ever.

most exchangers, like everything else back then were made of real metal, not paper thin crap that cracks after 8 years. Thats why its till there.

Interesting Thanks for the post…, Roy

What about all that rust?

That, and when one maintains mechanical equipment like they should, it actually lasts longer!

Bit of surface rust, I am guessing that metal is 1/8" based on the weld thickness and no warping.

Its neat to see how well stuff was built back in the day compared to now…good post.
need a down tube on the TPR valve though

Asbestos, lead paint, formaldehyde insulation… They sure don’t.